About Paul


I have been a Personal Business Coach since 2006, helping many business owners to realise the potential of their small business.

During the twenty years prior to 2006 I ran successful businesses including three hi-tech companies in the wireless voice & data sector – starting, growing and selling them.

Since leaving the last of my companies in 2006, I’ve coached or mentored over two hundred ambitious business owners and directors across seventy unique business sectors: helping them acquire higher-level business skills and to run a better, far more profitable business, that’s also easier to manage.

As a lifetime learner across a range of business disciplines and psychology, I’ve developed methodologies and ways of working that have helped owners of small business to plan their business more effectively and to realise its full potential.

I help business owners in a number of useful ways:

  • Helping to resolve challenging business problems
  • Creating and exploiting new business opportunities
  • Improving the operation and helping to make it an easier business to manage
  • Improving all-round profitability. (I’m far more interested in profits than turnover)
  • Taking the lead in producing achievable business, marketing and sales strategies and plans. Then helping the team to deliver
  • Improving business and management skills of directors and key managers, especially around the disciplines of operations, marketing, strategy, planning, people management, channel management, customer & supply-chain relations and sales
  • In a problematic company, e.g. with underperforming revenues, disjointed management, poor performance, a lack of direction or weak strategies, I can take the lead in a business turnaround program, to see that the business emerges successfully and profitable

Guiding business principles

If you are considering working with me then it’s important you’re comfortable with some of my guiding business principles. Here are a few.

  • Whenever possible, generate working capital through profits produced in the business. Businesses shouldn’t be too quick to borrow or become overly reliant on banks for finance
  • Produce many more leads and enquiries than the business requires. Be selective
  • The ratio of proposals / quotes sent, to orders received, should be better than 1.5 to 1
  • Proactively manage cash flow
  • The business is the cash generator that pays for our personal life. Our job is to design and run the business in such a way that it provides sufficient finance and interest for us and our family to live a fulfilled life

Connect with me

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If you would like to discuss the possibilities of me helping you, to raise your game and run a better, more profitable business, please contact me.