I’ve noticed how some businesses are making their Black Friday promotional messages too complicated – and no doubt very time consuming and costly to produce. Over the years I’ve seen

How do you establish which type of business you have? (There are only two types that really matter). Many  business owners have realised there are only two types of business –

A business of any size can increase revenues and improve customer loyalty, simply by creating Key Account customers. Essentially, this involves creating a new category of customer or elevating a select

I’d like to share with you a way to engage with more prospective customers than at present – and that probably means demonstrating they can benefit from engaging with you

I’ve noticed that a lot of my client’s websites receive many more daily visits over a Bank Holiday period than on many normal business days. We can go into the

How are you pricing your products and services? If like many businesses, yours has a loose approach to Pricing Policy and how you price your products / services, then this article

If you are planning to update an out-of-date website with a shiny new one, or simply adding a new look and feel to your website, then as my trusted website designers will

Here’s an interesting insight into the world of 500 millennial and older business owners running a small business. Commissioned by Wells Fargo, it does a great job of highlighting the

By now, you’ll know that I’m on a mission to help you earn more from your small business. It all starts with making more profit. There are plenty of ways to

Let me introduce you to the Small-Business Masochist – and invite you to a free coaching session. But first, think about how much satisfaction you get from running your business.