Business Support and Advice

If you’d like support or advice on any part of your small business,  you can ask me to help.

Since 2006, I’ve supported and advised over two hundred owners of micro and small businesses. I’ve helped them to fix problems, exploit opportunities, develop their business skills and run a better, more profitable business so they could earn more.

You’ll find useful advice and tips in my blog posts to help you develop and grow your small business. I share many of the lessons I’ve learned over twenty years of starting, growing and selling my own businesses. Many of my articles are ‘How-to’ guides. Here’s an article you might find interesting – Want to earn more money from your small business in 2017?.  I hope you will find my articles useful.

Your Free Business Coaching Session

Book a free call with me so we can discuss any part of your business such as, exploiting a business opportunity, fixing a problem or thinking through a strategy or direction for your business. I’ll be pleased to help you with whatever’s on your mind, including:

  • Help think through an important decision you need to make
  • Develop your business strategy or business plan
  • Help make your marketing or selling more effective

You’ll have my undivided attention for up to an hour. As there are a limited number of free business coaching sessions available each week, bookings are accepted on a first come basis.

Whatever advice and information you take away from our time together, is yours to keep. Still no charge.

Why is your call with me free?

Well, I’ve owned and run several small businesses over the years and having made a success of them, I’m keen to help you to develop and run an even better, more profitable business – so you can earn more than at present.

Simply book the date and time you’d prefer and I’ll be there, either on Skype or the telephone (you choose).

I look forward to seeing our meeting booked in the diary – and will see you there.

Book Your Free Session Here: