How do you establish which type of business you have? (There are only two types that really matter). Many  business owners have realised there are only two types of business –

How are you pricing your products and services? If like many businesses, yours has a loose approach to Pricing Policy and how you price your products / services, then this article

If you are planning to update an out-of-date website with a shiny new one, or simply adding a new look and feel to your website, then as my trusted website designers will

Here’s an interesting insight into the world of 500 millennial and older business owners running a small business. Commissioned by Wells Fargo, it does a great job of highlighting the

Let me introduce you to the Small-Business Masochist – and invite you to a free coaching session. But first, think about how much satisfaction you get from running your business.

How Can you Earn More from your Small Business? This is a question I’m frequently asked. During my Business Boost Workshops: 16 half-day workshops in July and August with individual owners / directors

It’s the weekend – so almost time to plan your week ahead – the first week of August! All successful business owners / directors I work with plan their week

I met with a forensic cyber security company yesterday. Here is one of their top tips for keeping your website secure and keeping hackers out – that I’m passing onto you.

MOST SMALL BUSINESSES suffer cash flow problems. I have been working with small businesses for many years and surprised to see such a high proportion that have got used to operating

Is your’s a Balanced Business AND DOES IT MATTER? Yes it does. Having a balanced business matters a great deal, especially if you want your business to be easier to