If you are like many of my readers – you own a business that’s doing okay, but you want to make it an even greater success.

Your hard work, skills and abilities have got the business to where it is today.

That may have been easy for you, but I suspect not. I know from starting and growing my own businesses, including three companies in the hi-tech sector what’s needed to make businesses successful. Nothing I did seemed easy.

If you want to grow your business and earn more, for you and your family, then you’ll know that you need to make some changes. But what changes should you be making?

Do you want to grow but not sure how? Perhaps you want to expand, but not sure of the direction?

When business owners have shared their business issues with me, they have often mentioned: “I don’t feel in total control of my business, or where it’s heading” and “I work hard in the business but there’s not enough profit, so I can’t any earn more than at present”

Does this feel like you?How can I earn more from my small business?

If you can identify with either issue, I can understand how the pressure may be steadily increasing on your already busy life.

But here’s the thing. You are not alone. We’ve all felt this way from time to time. But it is possible to understand precisely what to do, how to expand and to earn more from your business.

I understand

I have worked with many business owners on strategies to set their business direction and to develop tactics, to solve all manner of issues, including:

  • Where the business is growing faster than your ability to manage it
  • Not making good profits (or any profits)
  • The impact that spending so much time in the business has on the family
  • Working too many hours for too little reward

Running my own businesses, I learned a lot, but three things in particular made a difference. I expect they also apply to you.

  • Learn and apply new, higher-level business skills
  • Run a balanced business
  • Work smarter

Since selling the last of my business interests in 2006 and now as a successful business coach, my motivation comes from helping business owners run a far more profitable business, that’s also easier to manage.

Can I help you?Paul Munnery Business Coach

Since 2006, I’ve directly supported and advised hundreds of business owners, helping them to fix their problems, exploit business opportunities, develop their business skills and to run a better, far more profitable business, so they can earn more.

If you’d like my advice or support to help you and your business, simply ask me to help.

My blog

You’ll find useful advice and tips in my blog articles, where I share many of the lessons I’ve learned over the years from growing my own businesses and working with others to grow theirs.

Some of my articles are ‘How-to’ guides. Read them here.

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