Business Coaching and Mentoring

Are you considering bringing additional business expertise into your small business – perhaps to help you increase profits, plan the business, make the right decisions, fix problems or exploit opportunities?

Hundreds of business owners I’ve worked with over the past ten years have appreciated my business expertise, knowledge of how successful small businesses work and the practical advice I provide, that one way or another has helped them to improve their business.

Some clients need Business Coaching; for others its Mentoring. There is a difference.

To help you understand the option that’s right for you, here’s an overview of Business Coaching and Mentoring, so that you can establish which is right for you.

Personal Business Coaching

Think of my Business Coaching as hands-on, practical, ‘doing’, delivering results and personal, because I work closely with you.

You might want me to work on specific tasks, such as taking the lead in developing a winning business, marketing or sales strategy, or thinking through a plan for expansion, helping to recruit the right staff, contribute to management and board meetings, develop the skills of your management team, help you negotiate contracts with suppliers or customers … In fact, anything you need to get done to develop and grow your successful business.

As a Personal Business Coach my role is to help you to keep the business on-track and deliver significantly higher profits each year. I do this by delivering high-quality advice, clear guidance and when requited, hands-on assistance to get the job done.

I’m as much a ‘doer’ as a ‘talker’. I’m told that working with me can feel similar to having an experienced non-executive director around; trusted, knowledgable, innovative, passionate about the business and working together on a regular basis.

Above all, my Personal Business Coaching delivers demonstrable improvements to your business and significant increases in profits.

Business Mentoring

Mentoring is different to Business Coaching. It’s about supporting you to think through and work-out solutions to your business problems and exploit your opportunities to the full.

I take every opportunity to transfer higher-level business skills to help you improve your business expertise, so you are better able to overcome the challenges of growing your small business.

You can choose to work with me as your Mentor weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, in whichever way suits you – in your office, over the telephone or via Skype.

Next step

Arranging a call together to discuss the possibilities could help you decide if Business Coaching or Mentoring will be right for you and your business – so please contact me here or call me directly on 07850 900004. I’ll be pleased to hear from you.