I chose Paul because of his no-nonsense approach to running and growing a business  …  he could demonstrate that he had grown several of his own successful businesses from start-up to substantial turnover and eventual sale – and so he’d already faced and overcome the challenges that my business and I was facing.

I work with Paul, as much as a trusted Non-Executive Director as I do my Personal Business Coach and we maintain a close working relationship. I value his help and trust his advice, in particular, during our scheduled and well-structured meetings.

For any business owner needing to learn how to run a more successful and profitable business, I would highly recommend Paul Munnery.

Linda Edwards
Managing Director
Razz Publications

In his time with the business, Paul has made a substantial contribution to it’s success, helping to develop and improve the business skills of directors and key managers in their respective positions to enable them to perform at a higher level in their roles.  Paul has proved to be a particularly strong sounding board and mentor to what is a relatively inexperienced Management Team.

It is without question that Paul’s expertise has helped to drive the business forward and has enabled it to grow as strongly as it has.  He is a well-trusted member of the team who we can rely on to help the business define and then achieve its goals

We would have no hesitation in asking Paul to conduct more work for the business and would strongly recommend his services.

Matthew Laing
Finance Director
Zero Carbon Future

I am the Artistic Director of an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation based in Plymouth. Paul Munnery worked with me in the first several months of this year in the role of Business Support and Assistance.

Paul, while having no experience of the Arts sector, immediately understood what I needed and guided me through a thorough and robust examination of my business, my market and the potentials for the future. The process was challenging in a supported and developmental manner and he pushed my knowledge and the application of that knowledge in a number of ways. Paul was particularly good at exploring innovation and creativity within my context, drawing many ideas out of me through the process whilst being realistic about their economic potentials.

I would highly recommend Paul Munnery to anyone wishing to develop their business, across finance, strategy, marketing and management. Paul’s work helped me align my ideas with strategy, and that strategy with marketing, finance and management.

Benjamin Dunks
Artistic Director
Attik Dance

The company employed Paul Munnery to assist with clarifying its short to medium term strategic direction. Paul was chosen because of his proposed approach, price and skill set and was highly recommended. In the event it was a good choice and a strategic direction for the company has now been identified.

Paul worked with individual managers and directors and quickly developed an in-depth understanding of the company. Group sessions were facilitated effectively and diplomatically and a consensus was reached. Paul was able to provide a valuable contribution to the discussion because of his experience, particularly in the area of distribution channels, distributors and resellers.

I have no hesitation in recommending Paul to other businesses.

Carl Young, Director
Treco Green Heat Renewables

I have had the pleasure of working with Paul on a project for our business and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Paul to any company director. He is very easy to work with, has an objective viewpoint. His manner of working is very effective, he is knowledgeable about how a business operates, highly focused on delivering results and has provided good value for money.

The project Paul was involved with was to help us better describe and sell our software product. Software can be very difficult to explain, particularly as it is an intangible concept. Paul really did help us to further the explanation of our product and put it in terms that any prospective buyer can understand. As the software designers, we found this particularly difficult as we kept falling into the trap of using a technical description – one that other developers may understand, but that would leave our prospective clients none the wiser.
Paul really focused us on putting together a ‘sales’ orientated approach to the marketplace, as opposed to the technical approach we had adopted. Customers now understand what we provide and the benefits to them.

As well as the practical help Paul supplied, he also passed on a lot of his knowledge by coaching us and we still refer to him today when compiling documentation. I have no hesitation in recommending Paul Munnery.

Paul Howarth
Managing Director

We have been working with Paul over the past two months to help us better understand and manage the company.  Paul identified the need to manage the operational element of the business differently and has helped me to understand how to grow the business with a focus on gross profits and making the business easier to manage.

Paul understood the complexities of our business very quickly and identified the key issues around how I might overcome some business and people-related problems.  Paul has helped me put new, practical management processes in place and make objective, difficult business decisions to resolve our business problems.

Paul challenged many of my business assumptions that pushed me to re-think several aspects of the business, which with hindsight, has been crucial to our continued success. I appreciate new skills I have learned from Paul.

Paul has a practical, hands-on approach and has worked in the businesses alongside me. His approach has helped me enormously. I recommend Paul to any busy Managing Director needing to develop their business to the next stage.

Tim Fountain
Managing Director
HG Group

We asked Paul Munnery to help us produce and release our [solution]. Whereas we had developed the new [solution], we didn’t have the time or the marketing, selling and channel management skills to take it to market and make it a success.

I’m convinced that Paul enabled us to be six months ahead of schedule in releasing the [solution] to market. He helped us work with clarity and focus and we have certainly benefitted from his experience and skills and I know this is an opinion shared by the rest of the team here.

Paul developed the brand name, produced the marketing and sales strategies, set up a sales channel of technically competent resellers and even closed our first £20k order for the new [solution], before handing over a full working new business to us.

We all found Paul’s advice to be concise and to the point and we are already reaping the rewards from this approach, in terms of far higher sales volumes that we had hoped for.

I also appreciate that even though it was not a part of Paul’s brief, he helped the directors with other areas of the business including business strategy for the group and personal matters relating to running a family-owned business.

We hope to work with Paul again in the future.

Tom Widdows
Managing Director
Bit Systems

I recently asked Paul Munnery if he would take a look at my draft business plan and give me some feedback on it.

Despite his insistence that he could not give much time to it due to a client deadline, Paul gave me a very comprehensive and incredibly useful critique on the plan, highlighting areas that needed clarification and supporting evidence. I implemented every single suggestion Paul made.

I am very grateful for Paul’s assistance and would recommend him to anyone needing similar business advice.

Richard Palmer
Managing Director

I’d just like to say how much we appreciated the time and expertise given by Paul Munnery.

During the last three weeks, we have been delighted with the very professional and helpful advice given by Paul in assisting us with the restructuring of our company along with development and planning for future profitable growth.

We found Paul a delight to deal with, very equipped to deal with the task, sensitive with all members of staff he dealt with and successful in giving us a renewed and greater focus as to our present structure and how it will be altered very much for the better to improve our future prospects.

I have no hesitation in recommending Paul Munnery to similar sized small businesses.

Edward Willis Fleming
Managing Director
The Sidmouth Design Company

I want to say thank you to Mr. Paul Munnery who travelled to our Moscow headquarters to assist me and my team think through and implement a key part of our business strategy.

He was particularly useful in having the vision and persuasive skills to show all the team here at HQ and my Moscow hotel managers how the changes we were planning would affect them and their individual hotels, in the finest detail. Everyone can clearly see how the changes we will make will improve the running of our hotels and lead to increased room occupancy.

I like Mr. Paul Munnery and have no hesitation in endorsing him to others.

Ekatarine Zhuravleve
General Manager
Moscow Marriott Grand hotel

I found Paul Munnery to be an absolute godsend to our business. He is a very personable and wise man that we all instantly liked, but also very experienced in all areas of running a business.

He came in and within a remarkably short time actually managed to get all three of us wayward and different Directors, for the first time since we started the business, all going in the same direction. The direction being a slicker happier but an ultimately more profitable business model.

His experience is wide ranging and all encompassing.  He very quickly assessed our staff individually; to not only find their strong points but identifying where their skill set could be best utilized within our company, so a few role changes where necessary. He also confirmed our suspicions on one member where we did move out one ‘round peg in a square hole’ chap.

He quickly assessed we were under-valuing the cost of one of our areas of production, because until you truly know all your costs you can’t ever have a real idea of PROFIT.  As Paul also spotted we didn’t all have a true eye on PROFIT and as they say ‘Turnover is Vanity Profit is Sanity ‘.

I could go on here for ages as to each area Paul had a good impact, but I am actually quite busy implementing all the exciting changes our company is now doing to move us on to the next level.

In short, I would recommend him to any business that needs help. I think most businesses would benefit from having someone like Paul looking at their entire operation with fresh perspective as we are so often too close to see the problem.

Amanda Lyon-Smith
The Purple Company UK

We have been working with Paul Munnery since a first meeting a few weeks ago.  We’d recognised the need for change and had attempted to put changes in place.  Paul came in and was able to very quickly assess the issues we were facing and most importantly, help us prioritise and focus.

This has resulted in more effective and much faster change than we had been able to achieve without him.

He has also been very sensitive to, and helped us understand, the particular dynamics that come from being a family business.  With sensitivity to those dynamics, Paul has been able to get us focussed on the most important things, and working in a way that is now producing very rapid and positive results.

Frances Fawcett
Managing Director
Rebel Publishing Ltd

Business Link recommended us to Paul Munnery, when we requested advice on our Business Focus especially in the areas of Sales and Marketing.

After an initial meeting with Paul to establish if we could work together effectively, at which both parties agreed that we could, we had numerous meetings on site, telephone conversations and emails which all provided valuable and relevant advice on where the company had areas that had opportunities to improve.

We were very impressed with Paul’s knowledge and experience that he had to offer us. The main advantage that we found was Paul’s ability to quickly identify the smaller but highly relevant details within the business that had the largest room for opportunity and impact to help the company improve.

We would certainly recommend Paul Munnery to anyone who is looking for excellent advice and support within their business that is relevant and effective.

Stuart J Kemp

Thank you to Paul Munnery who spent two weeks here in Port Harcourt consulting with me and my management team.

As a result of Paul’s service and business acumen, the management team have agreed and adopted a new plan that includes a country-wide comms structure, improvements to how inter-station relationships will be managed and some fundamental changes to how the two problem stations will operate in future.

Thanks again. Great job.

Bonagani Mshebe
General Manager ER Division
Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Ltd
Port Harcourt, Nigeria

It was our pleasure to have the assistance of Paul Munnery to help us streamline how we run our business. We had been running our business without proper processes or systems in place and in a somewhat disorganised way. We now run our business efficiently and far more effectively than before, focusing on satisfying customer needs at every opportunity and business profitability.

Paul helped us to prepare the business for a period of growth over the coming six months or so including putting in place supplier and customer contracts. We now have plans in place for all required activities – marketing, strategies etc. over the coming month and are now confident that our business can be successful and profitable in future, in part because we have a clear direction for the business and know the tasks we have to carry out.

Paul is very personable, clearly extremely knowledgeable about how to grow a business and hands-on in the way he has supported us. Frankly, his help has been invaluable to our business. For anyone considering using his services we would highly recommend him.

Alice Rollinson
Foods Wild

We started to work with Paul Munnery in August 2010, the objective being to accelerate and grow our business model. We had spoken with an existing client of Paul’s prior to commencing any work and they were very complimentary about his skills and assistance.

Paul quickly gains an exact appreciation of a business, no matter how complex in our opinion, through in depth questioning and analysis.

We now know precisely what strategies to put in place and follow, in order to move our business forward, to increase its output and to make it very much more profitable.

I recommend Paul Munnery.

Phillippa Goodwin
Managing Director
Essential PA

We employed Paul Munnery’s services over the past six months and can highly recommend him.

He has been professional, motivating and put us onto a development path that we would have considered or taken without him.

We look forward to working with him again in the future.

Nick Palmer
Cor-Office Solutions

Paul Munnery provided a focussed two day intervention to Tamar HR Ltd. The brief was to overhaul the company’s approach to sales.

I would attribute a significant sale in that period to Paul’s guidance and since that time to a greater conversion rate that before, based on my application of some straightforward sales principles and techniques.

What was particularly valuable about Paul’s approach was that it was practical and based on a genuine grasp of where the barriers to greater success lay.

I would recommend Paul’s services to other small businesses as his approach is focused and leads to results.

Tim Marrow  MA, MCIPD
Managing Director
Tamar HR

I have been working with Paul over the past two months, to help me understand how to improve and manage my business financially, so as to increase profits.

Paul identified the need for me to manage my business differently and has helped me focus on profits, making the business less complex and far easier to manage.

Impressively, Paul was able to understand the complexities of the business within a few hours and identified the key problem areas and a major opportunity. Pursuing that opportunity changed my business for the better.

Paul helped me to set up and use practical management tools that helped me run my business based on reality rather than my gut feel. I more than doubled my profits over in four months.

I like the way Paul is hands-on rather than theoretical which, I found enormously helpful given I was so busy and needed to get on with the job.

I have recommended Paul to other business owners and hear that he’s also helped them improve their businesses.

Penny Albertella
Managing Director
Southernhay Clinic

I am grateful to Paul for the immense help that he has been to our business and me.

Working with Paul for the past two months, I have found him to both be highly motivated, and highly motivating. He is clearly knowledgeable in business operations, and appears to be capable of extremely rapid familiarisation with an organisation.

Paul has helped me to identify possible problem areas in our delivery, as well as encouraging both me and my staff to think more quickly about the profitability of our work.

He has joined us during a consolidation phase in the business, and I have been pleasantly surprised with both the speed with which Paul has been able to understand much of the complex detail that is essential in his role, but also the insights that have helped us to tangibly move the business forward during this period.

Timothy Creswick
Managing Director